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Work Life Integration

Work-life balance doesn't exist when you're a mom and entrepreneur. There is, however, work-life integration. There is no harder job than that of a working mom. Yolanda has gone through all the phases: Stay at Home and Run the House Mom, Corporate America Chick Trying To Break The Glass Ceiling But Still A Mom, and Mom Self-Funding a Start-up in Need of a Nap & Five Million Dollars... The session explores winning strategies for working moms and busy professionals to help them embrace the space they're in, be transparent with their families, and teach them to adapt.

bootstrapping in stilletos


Only 7% of all investor money goes to women-led startups. Yolanda shares start-up success stories and lessons learned faced by her Business Babes clients. She gives tools to budding female entrepreneurs and professionals to

strengthen and grow their businesses strategically. This seminar includes an e-book/workbook specifically designed for lean start-ups in mind.

Six Figure Success As A Stylist

Learn how to generate Six Figure Income As a Hair Stylist, Create a Cult-Like Clientele that Is Loyal To You, and Branding techniques that will set you apart from the competition

Brand Building In Beauty

In this class, salon owners/stylists learn the seven key elements for building their personal and professional brands. Cosmetology is a very competitive industry. Gain insight and strategies to grow your business and create an unforgettable BRAND!

Business x Branding x Bible

Successful businesses adhere to principles with clear biblical origins. Learn how to apply biblical principles to your business and/or brand. Learn to speak the Word over your life and over your business for sustainable growth. A free e-book of bible-based prayers is included with this class.

Surrender, Let God be your Defender

Yolanda has felt defeat on many levels (As a woman, mother and business owner) Her story of fighting with faith has helped women gain the courage to let God in during seasons of transformation. She’ll provide concrete steps on how to keep the faith through adversity.

Pitch perfect

Pitch Perfect: Not only is she making power strides for her own business ventures, but she’s also empowering other women entrepreneurs to do the same through her business

coaching organization, Business Babes. One skill she instills in her Business Babes is to learn how to perfectly pitch their brand for capital and publicity. Yolanda has helped to secure over $100,000 for clients looking for seed money for their start-up companies. Take a look at the win she scored for client, Girls Auto Clinic at the Miller Lite Tap the Future Contest.

setback to comeback

Yolanda knows what it’s like to get knocked down by life and have to fight your way back up. Yolanda walked away from a six figure salary and high level career started at the Central Intelligence Agency to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Yolanda was able to grow a business to seven-figure valuation in under two years all while raising two children under three. A messy divorce and business partnership split left Yolanda facing eviction. As if things couldn’t get worse financially, Yolanda’s ex-husband built a competing business directly across from her with a huge billboard to match. Instead of allowing that break her spirit and hinder her drive, Yolanda used that as fuel to revamp her business affairs and diversify. Today she’s recouped everything she lost and is showing others that you can comeback from any setback that life presents.

femme & fearless

Sometimes you have to go out and get what you want instead of waiting for it to come to you. Yolanda shows you how to transform fear, anxiety, and depression into solid steps towards success. You’ll transform your fear into fuel to help you make a fortune. Softback and e-book available.