"Work-life balance doesn't exist when you're a mom and entrepreneur. There is, however, Work-Life Integration There is no harder job than that of a working mom. I've gone through all the phases: Stay at Home and Run the House Mom, Corporate America Chick Trying To Break The Glass Ceiling But Still A Mom, and Mom Self-Funding a Start-up in Need of a Nap & Five Million Dollars...They were all hard, and I came back stressed, exhausted, and resentful.

Over the years, I've since learned to integrate my children into the things that I do as a working mom. Sometimes you have to embrace the space you're in, be transparent with your family, and teach them to adapt."

-Yolanda Keels-Walker

*Coming Soon* The Single Mom Project

Fall 2016 I will be debuting a program aimed at assisting single mothers in the field of entrepreneurship. The goal is to help 100 single moms open a business. For more info or to find out how you can help, email me at